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Housewarming gift 4 a friend

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Crochet rainbow peace beret

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Men’s “stingy brim” hat

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Show off your great style!

All designs are original and handmade by me.  If you like what you see and want to show off your fancy style, or if you have an idea for something you’d like custom made; please email me at  



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The rainbow……………………………..

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Headbands to top off your outfit!

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Crochet flowers bloom all year long.

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Befanciful!  Hats to show off your style.

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If more people picked up

yarn and a crochet hook or knitting needles, or embroidery floss, a needle thread, paint or even crayons…..the world would be more peaceful and people would be less stressed. Scientists have measured and proven the benefits that needlework, arts and crafts, laughter and playing have on people.

Remember how you felt when you were a child and opened a new box of crayons?  Or even when you got one of those packages with three crayons and a place mat to color at a diner?  Remember when could buy watercolor paints at the five and ten store, how about those little mosaic pictures that you could make with some little colored rocks and glue?  Remember hopscotch, jacks, double dutch?

Crochet and knitting is how I de-stress from a world that’s moving too fast and becoming less and less personal and humane.  Slow down, check out the colors in all the things of nature, stop and listen to the bird songs, they are in no hurry.  Go to a playground and swing, climb a tree, eat with your hands, LAUGH, PLAY, CREATE!!!!

Be Fanciful